European Cooperation Day - 21 settembre 2013

The European Cooperation Day Event of the Italian side was organized in Marine Protected Area of Torre Guaceto, Carovigno -- Brindisi, on Saturday 21st  September 2013.
The Marine Protected Area of Torre Guaceto was founded with the goal of providing a model for sustainable development of the coastal zone, in a continuous improvement of environmental governance.

During the event, some scholars  together with all of us that contribute in the implementation of the Programme, have created  paper boats. Then, after  having  written cooperation messages on the boats, they left  them free to sail along the sea area between the two countries. During this occasion, some turtles, belonging to the population of "Caretta Caretta" (a sea turtles species seriously threatened by the impact of human activities) were let free in the sea.

It was a special day, during that, two countries of the European Territorial Cooperation Greece - Italy Programme,  shared their desire for development and cooperation.





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