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PAI-PL Level Crossing Obstacle Detector

The Level Crossing Obstacle Detection System performs the automatic detection of obstacles at level crossings preventing accidents to incoming trains. The detection is made through one or more sensing units depending on the size of level crossing.


SIL4 Train Inspection Portal

The SIL4 Train Inspection Portal is a modular system conceived to guarantee a complete monitoring of trains in critical points of the network (i.e. tunnels, bridges, country borders and junctions between different networks).


Measuring Services

MERMEC Group state-of-the-art railway measuring services including processing, identification, and analysis of acquired data, and planning of predictive maintenance actions.


T•Sight 5000

T•Sight 5000, based on optical triangulation technology, is the integrated multipurpose vision solution for performing the inspection and automatic analysis of the infrastructure's status.


Track Vision Systems

Highly-specialized inspection systems seamslessly integrated that automatically identify 26 different type of defects, simultaneously and at high speed.





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