Smart Innovation People


NEXT intends to create a collaborative platform to support innovation and technology transfer in the Countries of the Adriatic area. The project is promoted by 11 partners from six countries and the representatives of different interests and positions of the actors of innovation.


Interview with

Mr. Giovanni Sebastiano

Mr. Vincenzo Dentamaro

Mr. Stefano Franco

Mr. Giuseppe Cavallo

Ms. Sara Invitto

Mr. Sergio Fontana

Ms. Grazia Antonella Cito

Mr. Giovanni Semeraro

Mr. Donato Maniello

Ms. Evelina Milella

Mr. Luigi Triggiani

Mr. Cataldo Guaragnella

Mr. Vitantonio Bevilacqua

Ms. Elda Perlino

Mr. Salvatore latronico

Mr. Giovanni Miglionico

Mr. Alberto De Leo

Mr. Luigi Barone

Mr. Michele Artuso

Mr. Giovanni Sylos Labini

Mr. Nicola Barbuti

Mr. Umberto Galietti

Mr. Gaetano Scamarcio

Mr. Graziano Pesole

Mr. Giuseppe Visaggio

Mr. Pietro Siciliano

Ms. Patrizia Boffi

Ms. Francesca Iacobone

Ms. Loredana Capone

Ms. Giusy Ottonelli







Regione Puglia

director - d.o.p. - editor

Pierdomenico Mongelli

assistant - sound

Marco D'Aprile